Sunday, July 09, 2006

TRAPPED by Jesus

Anonymous visited yesterday and was confused by my post. If I don't believe in the christian bible, she said, why did I use it to persuade my mother against christianity? If Anon is confused, maybe others are too. So I'll try to explain again.

First, the christian bible holds some good things. However, these are outweighed by a whale-load of bad things. Throughout history and around the globe, the bible has been used to decimate hundreds of beautiful, peaceful human groups. It is one of the bloodiest WMD ever invented.

Second, the inventors of christianity were geniuses. Evil geniuses, but geniuses nonetheless. They fixed things so that once you're caught, it's almost impossible to escape their trap. For example, anyone showing you the evil in the bible is "the devil" (or the devil's possessing the person). Then they say, "If you listen to the devil, you'll be whisked to an underground torture chamber for forever." All this, of course, is a pile of half-witted, holy hogwash.

Third, one thing that helps christians escape the trap is pointing out the stupidities in their bible. Luckily, these stupidities run like a rancid river all through the book. For example, there are verses that tell you to stone to death stubborn kids and raped women. Others tell you bats are birds. (Take the May 28 Bible Quiz on this blog for these and other stupidities, and exactly where in the bible to find them.)

Fourth, I was using this "showing" tool with my mother, to try to free her of the trap she's in. The verse I gave her proved that Jesus is not a "Prince of Peace," but actually a hate-mongering, violence-pushing, destroyer of families and therefore entire human groups.

Fifth, if you love christians, you're obliged by human decency to help free them from the terrible trap they're in. The above is one way to do it.
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