Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Aha! Finally some of my fellow anthropologists are stepping up to the podium to put a plug in for the Goddess! It's about time they used their power for good:

"...The newsreader was giving details of a new church report that
described how large numbers of young people are leaving the church and abandoning organized religion. Then the newsreader introduced a guest speaker to comment on this phenomenon. I was expecting a bishop, an inner-city priest, or at least a professor of religion.

"But no! To my astonishment, they wheeled on an anthropologist to comment on the religious crisis. I was flabbergasted... to me, this represented the clearest tacit admission that the BBC thinks religion is all a load of hooey, best interpreted as the superstitions of primitive people, and argued over not by archbishops but by anthropologists!

"It got even better from that point.... The anthropologist said that he believed religion started to go downhill at the point when the supreme deity changed sex from female to male. If you go back just a few thousand years (claimed the speaker) the god model was feminine in nature; a wondrous, nurturing, caring, reproductive [G]oddess. At some later point the model of omnipotence changed to masculine, and became aggressive, jihad-inspiring, awful, and hard. And that's where religion took a left turn downhill...."

From "Astounding Vacation News: Pagan Goddesses Were Better"

thnx to paha L and stockxpert for the foto

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Morgaine said...

Wow- when people with letters after their name start acknowledging the Mother Goddess, we know we are making progress!