Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Yesterday, a lovely reader wrote: “I don't understand a word [on] your site. Please make it clearer so that we who are merely visiting can understand.”

Athana, thinking hard to herself: “Hmmm [chewing pencil eraser]. How to make things clearer. Hm. [more chewing of pencil eraser; then, finally:]

“Haw-kay! [lightbulb going off] Here it is in a NUTSHELL”:

“Six thousand years ago, everyone worshiped Goddesses and things were good. Then gods came. Things got bad. They have stayed bad for 6000 years.

"What do you think? Should we keep the ghastly gods? Or call back the Good Goddesses?”

thnx to badboo for the foto


Anne Johnson said...

He might stumble on the word "ghastly."

Anonymous said...

Not if he looks in a dictionnary ;)


Athana said...

How about "gobliny gods"? Or maybe I should put a hyphen between "goblin" and "y" to make it clearer -- "Goblin-y gods."

labyrs said...

It seems to me that if you don't understand something you try to educate yourself. You don't ask someone to do your work for you.

Morgaine said...

I don't mind explaining things to people - that's why we write blogs. You have to remember that for people who've never thought outside the patriarchal box, we're speaking a foreign language. They don't know humans used to live in peace, or that the Earth is our Mother, or that greed is a mental disorder and not an inevitability. It's a bitch finding out everything you've ever been taught is a lie.

Meowomon said...

Bewitching blog!