Wednesday, August 02, 2006


"Christians and Pagans agree that the Wiccan community is growing at an exceptional rate, and is projected to be the third largest religion [in America] by 2012....


"[To Wiccans], the need to save and protect Mother Earth ... is not simply a slogan or phrase, but the center of their worship and religious life." MORE>>>
I say let's go for it! If this site is accurate, we're ON OUR WAY!!
Thnx to paha L for the foto


nick said...

Wouldn't it just be beautiful?

Anne Johnson said...

So might it be! Can you just imagine?

Morgaine said...

So mote it be, indeed! I've always thought there were many more of us than anyone wanted to admit - I run into us everywhere, and even people who aren't Wiccan will recognized what I am and be very respectful of it.