Tuesday, August 01, 2006


One gigantic difference between Goddess and god is that Goddess is crazy about laughter (She’s also crazy about sex and most other earthly pleasures -- but that’s another post…).

The Goddess radiates laughter and humor. She hopes we do too. She loves to see us laughing and having a fab time. Although She loves all of us equally, I sometimes wonder if She reserves a special place in Her womb for comedians (When we die, we all return not to heaven or hell, but to the Goddess’ warm, loving womb).

"Every pantheon had its Goddess of mirth and comedy. Humor can be a Goddess gift -- meant to reduce your stress and lighten your load in life. ..."

(Ever notice that pix of adults really laughing are scarce as hen’s teeth? Only kids and old people really laugh: kids don’t know yet that god considers laughing nasty, and old women don’t care. Anyway, thnx to edtheball, mib1982, and surfkid74 for the fine fotos!)


Anne Johnson said...

Laughed my head off at Lughnasadh. Felt good.

Athana said...

Anne, you're a good Goddess woman.

Tigerlily said...

It's like my daughter (5) said: Santa doesn't live alone, he has Mrs. Claus, so God must have Mrs. God too.

Precisely. If that isn't wisdom, I don't know what is.

Morgaine said...

I cackle whenever I can, exactly as I feel it. My mother is always trying to quiet my laughing down, but I won't do it - it's too much a gift. It also has healing properties, and I need all those I can get.