Monday, August 01, 2005

WHO IS Athana?

Since I entertained today, I don't have much of a post. A big part of the problem is that I've developed "blogger's house" -- a domicile abandoned to dust, dirt, and dog hair. Especially if you blog, you can appreciate the time it took to repair the damage before the guests toddled up to my door at 5 PM.

I've decided therefore to treat you to a little personal information about me, Athana.

I've been studying goddess history and archaeology for almost fifteen years, with academic degrees in anthropology and prehistory (the archaeology of people without written records). As an anthropology doctoral student, my major areas of interest were religion and mental health. I've written the first (very rough) draft of a book about reviving Goddess spirituality.

Years before grad school -- and even before college -- I accidentally stumbled across the Minoans for the first time. I still remember the thrilling frisson that shimmered through my body. Why, I marveled, hadn't my teachers ever mentioned these remarkable people -- people not only as technologically advanced in 1700 BC as Europe in 1700 AD, but also exquisitely artistic, playful, wealthy, sensual, non-violent and full of long-term peace?!? I also, however, remember feeling something delicious: here was a verbotten people who promised utter enchantment....

My questions: why didn't my teachers mention these paragons? I have some possible answers: 1) The bare breasted Minoan women embarrassed the heck outa them (the teachers). 2) The Minoans worshipped a Goddess instead of a god. 3) The Minoans were everything a good god person musn't be: at home with their bodies, playful, sensual, wealthy. 4) Deep down, we god people aren't really interested in people who eschew war; they bore us.

What do you think?


Lisa said...

My high school and grammar school teachers didn't mention anything in history before Christopher Columbus, the Arawaks and the Tainos, lol. But that's my ghetto education for you!

Morgaine said...

My teachers were pretty good about letting us know that there were other theories out there, but the Matriarchy stuff was well-hidden until I got to College. I felt like my life started when I found it.

Athana, you are so lucky to have been able to study this at University. Reagan saw to it that I only got a B.A. and the closest thing to Women's Studies at my school was "Psychology of Women". I've had to study all of this on my own.

Athana said...

Well, I studied religion in grad school, but not goddess religion. No one offered anything on that, Goddess forbid!

The prof I worked with was an expert on trance and possession trance in Haiti (which occurs only in a religious context there, as in most places), so I spent time studying trance, altered states of consciousness, Pentecostal trance behavior, etc. And, I was really interested in the fact that some Native American groups used trance to cure mental illness -- and had a significantly better cure rate than European America has. I also did a long paper on the European "witch craze."

Lisa said...

the fact that some Native American groups used trance to cure mental illness -- and had a significantly better cure rate than European America has

wait, to be clear, a better cure rate than European Americans using trance, or allopathic treatments?