Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"What the hey," sayeth the lord


Pat Robertson, an icon of the Religious Right -- an assassination buff!

On Echidne of the Snakes today, one commenter said Robertson is senile. (Go HERE for more.)

Out of the mouths of babes and the senile, I say! I give you Mister Pat Robertson: The god-boy who's lost his knack for prevarication, and mislaid his dissembling abilities!!!

What more proof do you need that God the Father is a mean, ugly heap o' pus that needs to be pitched out on his puss? Here's a major Christian icon big enough to dominate TV for decades, and he's telling us we need to circle the globe snuffing out world leaders (?!).

"What the hey," sayeth the lord -- "Don't like 'em? Snuff 'em out!"

BTW, here's what Cousin Doris had to say today about Mr. Pat: "Pat Robertson shot his mouth off when he should have been quiet. That's not God's fault."

Ha, ha, ha, hardy har har har! (It's not everyone who has a direct pipeline to the Religious Right. As an anthropologist, I place great value on cultural informants. And Cousin Doris is a ripe and delicious cultural informant re: the American Religious Right. I am one lucky blogger!)

Thnx to nion for the pic of "Tiki god of the loons"

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