Friday, August 26, 2005

THE 9 Tenets

This weblog has 9 tenets:

1. Goddess is Good. Originally, religion centered on Goddesses. At that point humans were healthy. Female deity is key to human health.

2. Human survival is up for grabs; we need to focus on saving ourselves.

3. How can the species be saved? By replacing god the father with God the Mother. Historical, archaeological, anthropological and sociological evidence suggest that humans flourish under female deity. This may be more true for men than women. In contrast, under father gods, humans are not flourishing but floundering.

4. When should god be switched to Goddess? The switch should begin now and finish in 2025.

5. Can a turn-back to Goddess really save us? Yes. Here’s why:

6. From the second we let them in the door, father gods, with their conditional love, have been beating us up. If we fail to meet their conditions, they call for assassination, war, and torture. Humans learn directly from their gods, and if others fail to meet our standards, we, too, call for assassination, war and torture. The result? God peoples are set to wipe human life off the planet.

7. Father gods destroy men as well as women. Men may benefit from the changeover even more than women.

8. Female deities are role models for unconditional love. The Goddess loves us not for what we are, but only because we are. With Her at the helm, we’ll love each other as She loves us – intensely, no strings attached. Everyone will revel in love and care.

9. People are biologically built to need religion. Anthropologists know that every known society has possessed religion. Anthropologists consider such scarce “universals” deep-core human needs.
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Morgaine said...

That all works for me.

Lisa said...

Lol, do you guys realize that you do sound exactly like fundie fascist Christians with all this God the Father is Evil and should be obliterated because He leads the simple-minded to Evil, right? Lol, just so you know...

Bairuide said...

Don't need a God or Goddess - or a neutral creator at all, best to look after ourselves on our own and stop blaming him/her/it for 'acts of God'