Thursday, August 04, 2005

Goddess HOLY WAR #2

Over the past few days there's been a rousing discussion regarding the July 29th post on this blog, "Goddess HOLY WAR." I promised a summary, and here it is (in quotes are the original questions posed):

"What if at least 50% of the world truly understood, on a deep-gut level, that before God the Father, during God-the-Mother times, we humans lacked war, violence, poverty, slavery, social divisions, hierarchy, hunger, and ennui?

Morgaine said this is "a necessary leap" that needs to be made before a Goddess "Reawakening" (to use her term) occurs. lisa thought that gods are a symptom not a cause of the war, violence & social divisions that hit the human species after gods ousted Goddess.

"Would it be best to call such a conflict a holy war, a crusade, or a revolution? Or would that make any difference?

andygrrl went with "revolution," but thought any war term went against the entire concept of Goddess religion. Morgaine preferred "reawakening."

"Could Ghandi teach us anything?
No one answered this question.

"Could we win something nonviolent?"

Morgaine thought that we would not be able to work with men in a Goddess Holy War/Revolution/Reawakening, and that although a revolution could be nonviolent at first, it would turn violent when men saw there was no other way to preserve their power.

What if we were fairly certain we had only two choices: a Goddess Holy War, or the annihilation of the human species. Would kind of power and energy might that give us? Give others?
lisa: every revolutionary thinks there are only two choices. Although Morgaine didn't answer this question directly, she seems to be saying that the certainty has given her great energy and power.

"How could the internet be used?
Morgaine: Education. Networking. Sharing information, organizing actions.... Allows us ... to connect with other Goddess women, to bring the Goddess up from the collective unconscious into full blown consciousness.

andygrrl: Since the internet might not be sustainable in the future, we should use it now but also act locally as well.


andygrrl: The Goddess must be ready to step in when the gods fall.

lisa? If I'm reading her correctly, lisa seems to think that a Goddess Revolution may be counterproductive. On the other hand, she also said, "Lol, if Morgaine were to knock on my door, hand me the instruction manual for a cannon, and say "the Revolution starts tomorrow, 8am sharp," I'll totally be there!"


A key is getting people to grok the Gaia Hypothesis, i.e., that the earth supporting them is a living female.

Another key is solidarity. Getting women to stand together. The threat to Roe v. Wade could be used as a rallying point around which we could unite women. A three-day work strike by all pro-choice women.

Need to educate people in the history of matriarchy. Need to get them to see that violence is not a natural part of being human.

Need to become more vocal about our Goddess religion, and more demanding that our religion be included.

Need to get other feminists over their "embarrassment" of Goddess spirituality.


Lisa said...

lisa? If I'm reading her correctly,

Lol, am I that mysterious? Bottom line, I'm all for a Goddess-centered revolution, just not for a Goddess-exclusive revolution!

Morgaine said...

Who ever said "exclusive"? Why can't people get that Goddess thealogy is inclusive - we're ALL her children.

Morgaine said...

Who ever said "exclusive"? Why can't people get that Goddess thealogy is inclusive - we're ALL her children.

Lisa said...

By exclusive, I'm referring to the exclusion of the Masculine Divine, which lol, has definately been specified here.