Saturday, August 27, 2005

New-Computer Blues

Duncan and I are sharing the house now with three (count them, three) computers -- none of which are worth the plastic they were made from. There's the Toshiba laptop, which has just betrayed us by wearing out (the thing has bulbous blisters on its bottom from intense, self-generated heat); there's the ancient Dell desktop we dragged in from the shed and were semi-successful in resurrecting; and, third, there's the new black Dell desktop, which just arrived yesterday in the mail. Despite damaging my left ear waiting on hold from 8 am to one for techies to give us the time of day (we finally got short snatches of time from three of these Golden godlets), we were unable to get "Blackie" totally up and running.

Duncan and I both hope you had better days than we did.



Anonymous said...

Oh Sweetie - you could have bought Mac! They're much less hassle. Is there someone techie around that can help you with the new beast?

Lisa said...

Mac people go on an on about how easy and great their Macs are, but I can't figure them out, hate 'em!

Athana said...

And I was just thinking about loading Blackie up in his boxes and sending him back for a Mac. I guess there's no easy way out of the new-computer blues. And no, Anonymous, I don't, unfortunately, know any techies. I'm the most computer-literate person I know -- and you can see how far that's gotten me!

AnnaPerenna said...

Sorry, but Macs are overprised, overrated pieces of clumsy, pretty junk. They DO brake down and when they do, they are irrepearable, just like iPods - try to get that warranty back hah.. Macs laptops in particular are the worst laptops you can get (ugh!)
Not only do they break down but also have some of the worst battery time on the planet and they are the most toxic computers produced (poison production, radiation and NO recycling of parts nor materials), so toxic that Greenpeace went after them. Careless Apple doesn't have any enviromental policy neither for computers nor for iPods..
Other sucky computers (in terms of breaking down and battery time) come from Dell (sorry), HP and FujitsuSiemens.

Go for something cheap yet powerful like Thinkpad from Lenovo (they are a powerhouse) or Acer or Asus (what's with the A in both of them?). If you are getting a laptop the thing to consider is the battery time - you want the longest possible, of course (meaning how long can the sucker work without being hooked up to a wall).