Thursday, August 18, 2005

THE Goddess = Peace EQUATION

Why don't more people trumpet the Goddess*PEACE : gods*WAR Equation? (Goddess worship produces peace; god worship produces war).

For reasons too numerous to mention in a blog!!!

At the bottom of all reasons, however, is this: the Equation petrifies people.

And why not? From Asia and Europe to Africa and the Americas, almost the entire world, now, revolves around the god boys. Ripping them out from under us suddenly would pitch the world into a tizzy. Even to whisper the Goddess*PEACE Equation is tantamount to abomination, to risking setting the world on fire, to world revolution of the First Order.

The Goddess*PEACE Equation frightens everyone: Women as well as men. Christians, Muslims, and all the other god-boys. And for good measure, throw in atheists and feminists. And the giant corporations! Well!! These suits stand to lose their shirts if the world order suddenly shifts into one without war (read "loss of profit") or poverty (read: "no more impoverished people willing to slave for poverty wages").

Thnx to pixelstar for the foto

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