Friday, August 05, 2005

Goddess*Peace TIMELINE

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Below is a first, crude and highly simplistic attempt at a timeline for getting to a Goddess*Peace world by the year 2025. Note that I reserve the right to revise this timeline at any point in time (I will revise, however, in later posts, leaving this first timeline essentially unchanged). Warning: Some of the entries below may be a touch whimsical for your taste, so read at your own risk....

2005 -- [the current situation] Goddess religion is not known, has low membership, not taken seriously, almost no media presence, no national or international leaders speaking out, little sense of ourselves as a defined group, no sense of "solidarity." Women archaeologists afraid to speak out for fear of losing jobs. Subconsciously we adore war. The world's monotheistic God-the-Father countries are warring each other and threatening to wipe life off the planet.

2006 -- Rally American women around the threat to Roe v. Wade. Three-day work strike by all pro-choice women?

2007 -- Internet bloggers start an underground revolution among the mothers of the world, by telling them this: "Since Goddess equals peace and gods equal war, the way to keep your sons and daughters alive past age 18 is to teach them your old Goddess religions."

2008 -- A few of our leaders begin speaking prominently in national and international media outlets -- Possibilities: Riane Eisler; Carol Christ, Starhawk, Joan Marler, et al.

2010 -- Goddess Worshippers now have the beginnings of a media presence (Internet, radio, TV drama, TV talk shows, documentaries, 1-2 full-length feature films). Subjects to concentrate on: Gaia Hypothesis; the Goddess*Peace/gods*war connection, Goddess history.

2011 -- The first Goddess minister/priestess runs for political office; she wins a seat on Missouri State Senate.

2012 -- The first mystery novel appears with a Goddessite as the main character. It's title: Murder by Moonlight in Gaia's Grove.

2015 -- Groups of us begin doing Ghandi-like interventions at leadership meetings of the god peoples (starting with those easier to reach, i.e., UUs and Methodists versus Southern Baptists?).

2016 -- Goddessites have strong media presence, now.

2017 -- Several distinct Goddess "Sects" are now well known (probably several Wiccan, a few Druidic, others based on Carol Christ's brand of Goddess worship)

2018 -- First National Goddess Conferences held -- with strong media coverage.

2019 -- Across the planet, self-proclaimed Goddess worshippers now number in the millions.

2020 -- Lol, the first Goddess-themed soap operas air, across the world, in all countries: As Gaia Turns; Search for Inanna; Love of Isis; and All My Children: The Goddess Version

2021 -- Half the members of Congress are Goddessians (Goddessites? Goddessers?)

2022 -- History books cite the 2005 movie "Bewitched" as a crude but significant early event on the road to the rise of Goddess religion.

2023 -- A "Let's Start Over Pact" is signed by Israel and Palestine, since both countries now realize that their former animosities were initiated and fueled by their old, outmoded beliefs in warrior gods.

2024 -- Iraq, which is just now beginning to recover from the 2005 U.S. invasion, is the last Muslim country to replace Allah with The Goddess Inanna. (Hee)

2025 -- The Mother's Revolution begun by internet bloggers in 2007 is now 18 years old. Millions of babies born in 2007 were secretly taught Goddess religion (= peace), and all of them would refuse to fight in any war -- even if one were proposed, which it isn't, since Godfather religion is gone from the world. Ninety percent of the world either worships Goddess/es, or are atheist/agnostic.


Andygrrl said...

"2011 -- The first Goddess minister/priestess runs for political office; she wins a seat on Missouri State Senate. "

Hm. Should I take that as a hint? Why not, I don't have any real career plans anyway...
Oh, and the first Goddessite mystery novel will be called A Murder of Crows, because I've always wanted to write a mystery novel with that title.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Morgaine said...

My version, which incorporates yours, is here. How can we polish it up?

Lisa said...

You guys crack me up

Athana said...

Yes, indeed, andygrrl you should take that as a hint! After all, you're in on the ground floor of this revolution, so who better to be first -- with the politics and the Murder of Crows both!

Athana said...

Whew, I love your thinking, Morgaine! Of course it would be San Francisco who would have the first Goddessite mayor! And how could I have forgotten to include the first Goddessite sitcom?!? And what better way to restore the sacredness of the number 13 than to crown 2013 the International Year of the Goddess?!

How can we polish this up? Good question. How about meeting up at the Matriarchy conference in Texas in September? I'll bring a big pad of paper and we can do a flow chart or two. I shouldn't spend the money, but I can't get it (the conference) out of my mind.

Athana said...

We'll be happy to crack you up anytime, Lisa. That's one of the Goddess expects out of you -- She expects you to laugh. Daily. A lot. Belly laugh. Laughing is to her immense liking.

Lisa said...

It also makes me sad though... I mean, look at the representation of those with African ancestry in this country. They as a group, have been fighting much longer than "Goddessites," and while they have made much progress officially, more than 150 years after the "Emancipation" Proclamation, there is still so much fight left.

Black Americans do have a strong media presence, but it's all still stereotypical "funny black man" type of stuff. I mean, have you seen DL Hughley's new show on Comedy Central? It's really awkward. And that show Girlfriends? It's taken Black Americans decades to have more than one sitcom, with casts mostly of color, but what about serious dramas? That won't be "accepted" for a while! There have been Gandhi-like interventions and national conferences held, but our current government structure still considers this as catering to "special interest groups."

Twenty years until Godfather religion is gone from the world? I'd be happy to see that happen in twenty decades!

Athana said...

You might be right about our timeline timing being off a tad, Lisa. However, I say we get started on it now, and adjust as we go along. The important thing is to get going, to have a plan.