Sunday, July 31, 2005

Goddess of the MOUNTAIN

Minoan Goddess Posted by Picasa

You can't lay eyes on this ancient Minoan picture and deny that this is one powerful woman.

About Minoans, archaeologists more often disagree than agree. None, however -- as far as I know -- oppose the notion that this is a mighty woman. Almost all call her a Goddess. Wanna know why? Because the other alternative -- that she was the ruler of the Minoans -- is one that makes male archaeologists quake with fear. How could they explain to the world that the ruler of the kindest, gentlest, most peaceful, most sensual, most fun-loving, most artistic, most playful, most vibrant, AND most technologically advanced society that the world has ever known* WAS A WOMAN?!?

Personally I think the Minoans worshipped a Goddess and also chose to be governed either by a woman, by councils of women, or by councils of both men and women. As with the Iroquois, however, the ultimate decisionmaking power would rest in the hands of a woman (who rarely stepped into the decisionmaking arena, and only to arbitrate). I suspect that women "governed" so wisely that no one even felt it. Men and women alike probably had all the power and freedom they wanted, with one sex making as many decisions as the other.

BTW, the "Goddess of the mountain" as this picture is known, is actually an impression made in clay from a signet ring. Fitton 2002: 189 says it was made during the Late Minoan I period, which came at the end of the Neopalatial (New Palace) period (1700 - 1450 BC).
*Most technologically advanced at least until about the 1700s AD, when Europe re-invented indoor plumbing including flush toilets and indoor running water -- all of which the Minoans had in the 1700s BC.

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I'm sorry to say that I believe this website to be rather strange. I'm not sure if you could even qualify as christian, for the Bible explicitly names God as male. I am sorry for not having the time to read your entire website and finding out that you are actually against religion, or don't believe in the bible. But from the description at the top of the website, it would appear that you believe that you are a follower of the 'goddess' as you put it. God is male. Get over it. This fact doesn't make females inferior, or less worthy, or lower than men in the eyes of God.

Athana said...

Ah, a worthy Christian has wandered into my web! I'm not writing this blog for Christians, but I love Christians nevertheless, and don't mind it at all when they wander by for a look-see. avxworkshop, I welcome you!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry to say that I believe this website to be rather strange. I'm not sure if you could even qualify as christian

Lol, maybe she didn't get the memo... Are you upset that you couldn't "even qualify as christian?"

Morgaine said...

Good Goddess - the banner should have been a tip-off.

Just wanted to add that there are parts of Kentucky that don't have indoor plumbing yet. America in the 21st Century.

Athana said...

Lisa -- I just know it's going to take years for me to recover.

Morgaine said...

I can tell you're crushed. hee.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to meet another person who shares the same views of the Goddess as I do. If it were not fer Her, then I would be lost. Therefore, I don't give a damn what people say to you, me, or any other woman out there who has found Her...whether God is a man or a woman will be debated from here till eternity, but Men are NOT God. Nowhere does it say that men are God. In the scrpitures, it does say that God is a Man...but nowhere does it say that MEN are God. Everyone's views are their own, and between them and their higher power. If I want to see God as A Woman, then I am well within my rights to do so, and it will be between me and my higher power when I die. SO one people put you down for what you belive in, don't take it to personaly, they will figure it out one day as well.