Sunday, July 10, 2005

The gods Are BORED

If you're up for a first-class belly laugh, go visit Anne Johnson's blog "The Gods Are Bored." Here's the beginning of today's post, called "Satan Weighs in on Terror":

"Welcome to 'The Gods Are Bored.' If you're just joining us, this site is dedicated to all the gods and goddesses who have been let go in 'revised head counts' since the so-called 'modern era' got underway.

"My contract is secure, unfortunately. I signed on for 10,000 years with one of the gods who isn't bored. That's my boss, The Big Guy.

"Yes folks, I'm back! Anne turns her back, goes off goat-judging, and I sneak into her space. You can call me Satan if you must (hate it), or Lucifer (hate it), or Mephistopheles (can't spell it), or Beelzebub (he's a bored god, and he hates to see his name abused). Myself, I prefer Mr. Applegate. It's so user-friendly.

"If you haven't seen my previous posts, here's my resume in a nutshell. I was working freelance in a galaxy far, far away, and my entire praise and worship population got killed when an asteroid hit their planet...."

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