Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Let's Party Down in Party Town!  Posted by Picasa

WHooooo-EEEE! Picture it: It's 2025, and God the Father has goose-stepped his way off the edge of the earth! Once they saw clearly that He was responsible for the despicable things in the world, the world sent Him packing. (For a List of Despicable Things, go to the June 19 "ONE-STOP Shopping" post on this blog.) It was an easy equation: drop this dud of a deity, and detested things will drop away like dead & departed flies.

And the people did, and the things did.

Part of the reason, too, that the List of Despicable Things vanished, was that the world adopted the Great Mother Goddess as its pattern for how people behave. To The Great Mother, her girls and boys are equal. That means men no longer had to play Lord over women and the "beasts of the earth" (as the duddy GodFather used to put it).

Women recouped first-rights over their bodies, including the number of babies budding therein. And of course women wanted lives, so they began making babies only after they'd had ten or so years to party. A woman'd have a tike at say 25, another at 35, and that'd be it. Finished. Nada. No more.

This left plenty of time for tike 1 to get enough (of Mom's love, Dad's love, toys, food) before tike 2 trotted along.

After the overpopulation and sex inequality problems were sacked, other world problems fell away like butter off a hot knife. Before 2025, war had happened often because there were too many people and not enough to go around. Poverty, starvation, and malnutrition had often happened because there was not enough to go around. Environmental problems had often happened simply because there were too many people.

Also before 2025, lotsa funky things happened because (a) men had to lord it over women, and (b) women had often said "Take a hike," and then (c) men panicked. Thus rape, spouse abuse, divorce, incest, prostitution, and just plain nastiness were wiped out by 2025, in part because men no longer felt forced to play unpaid prison guard to women.

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