Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mother Goose

Was “Mother Goose” an anagram for “Mother Goddess”? Although Mother Goose is the polar opposite of Goddess -- profane, silly and inconsequential to the Goddess’s sacred and awesome profundity -- what better way to throw the Enemy off the track?

This excellent and concise article, “Mother Goose: A Scholarly Exploration," gives good reasons to suppose that Mother Goose was, indeed, none other than our Great Goddess in disguise.


Andygrrl said...

ooh, wow! Thanks for the link Athana!

Athana said...

You are most welcome, andygrrl. Enjoy, enjoy!

Morgaine said...

You've never been around a goose, have you? They're smart, tough and will attack at the slightest provocation. I think they're an ass kicking symbol for the Goddess.

Also, I believe they are sacred to Hera.