Tuesday, July 12, 2005

AMERICANS: Asian Puppets?

Jumpin' Jehosaphat! Never really looked at it this way before: Christianity is Asian!! It came from the Middle East -- part of Asia. So in AD 400, it was an Asian religion that beheaded European religion/paganism. The result? The total collapse of European civilization -- followed by seven centuries of semi-barbarism called “the Dark Ages.”

"[A]fter about two centuries of European influence upon Asia, the tide began to turn until presently a powerful surge of reaction developed, which culminated with the victories of Christianity over the gods and philosophies of Classical antiquity and the subsequent collapse -- for a spell of seven centuries -- of the civilization of the European West" (Joseph Campbell, Occidental Mythology, Viking, 1964: 241).

How did this happen?!? And why aren’t we slathering building and subway station walls with signs shouting: “Christianity is Asian! It lobbed us into the Dark Ages! Let’s shoot it back to where it came from!!!

Actually, I did locate a nifty little site that comes close, “Christianity Revealed.” The author calls “The Middle Ages ... a period of dark and turbulent semi-barbarism lying between two phases of civilization—ancient Paganism and modern Paganism. Between was the time when Christianity ruled unchallenged....”


Vanadis said...

Yes, that's why I walk with the deities of my Northern European ancestors -- Thor, Odin, Freyr and Freyja, etc...

Christianity and Judaism and Islam are foreign to my ancestors.

My ancestors had both male and female deities and they were warriors. Ever heard of the Northern European "shield maidens" -- women who went into battle alongside their men?

You're the one with the history degree. Maybe you should look up Scandinavian and Germanic pre-Christian history.

Athana said...

Vanadis, you are so right! Yes! Your religion was dual god/goddess, and it’s a blood-spattered one. Like all godlet religions, it slowly vamped up the goddesses into male war gods with dresses on. Thank you for once again pointing out how godlets like yours are our nemesis.