Wednesday, July 20, 2005


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Today I stumbled across an article in the New Left Review with a catchy little trailer I couldn't resist: "In an era of serial war, Rawls, Habermas and Bobbio [are] theorists of a perpetual peace...."

These three dudes (Rawls, Habermas & Bobbio) wonder if there isn't some kind of a priori basis for human rights, that would, in turn, be a basis for universal peace.... "Hmmmmm," says, Habermas, "Well, yes, there is a basis: it's in the 'world religions.'"

Well! Perry Anderson -- the article's author -- jumps on Habermas with both feet flying:

"...[T]he vacancy of the claim that human rights are validated by all world religions is laid bare. The slightest acquaintance with the Pentateuch, Revelations, the Koran or the Bhagavadgita—replete with every kind of injunction to persecution and massacre—is enough to show how absurd such an anachronistic notion must be."

You couldn't be more on the mark, Perry. The God Boys (Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu and Brahma) are chocked to choking with dictates that we all hurt, maim and kill each other. (The Eskimos have a hundred words for snow; we people of the God Boys have a hundred words for "hurt," "maim" and "kill"....)

But deep in their guts, these dudes (R, H, & B) know there's SOMETHING out there that gives humans "human" rights! Wake up, dudes!! Human rights come from a deity the God Boys tried to smash and bury: The Great Mother. After millennia of hibernation, She's finally waking -- just as Sleeping Beauty promised She would.*

When She's fully awake, She'll restore the awesome world the God Boys smashed so long ago: an old and endlessly fascinating world of "perpetual peace."

Go HERE to read Perry's article.
*There's evidence that Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, among other so-called "children's stories," are actually coded messages prophesying the return of the Goddess.
Thnx to Ravennce for the foto of Sleeping Beauty


Andygrrl said...

There's evidence that Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, among other so-called "children's stories," are actually coded messages prophesying the return of the Goddess

*Get* out of town! You mean I can connect my love/obsession with folklore and fairy-tales with Goddess spirituality?? Hot damn. Can you give me more info or point me in the right direction?
Thank goddess it's summer. I have a lot of reading to do.

Morgaine said...

Most Fairy Tales are just that - ancient, pre-Christian lore from Goddess loving people. Some of them have been through the patriarchal filter, but if you dig deeply enough, you find our Lady there.

For example, did you know that Cinderella is of Asian origin, and it is about foot-binding? That's why the girl with the smallest foot wins. That's a patriarchal one.

Mother Goose, however, is a "code" word for Hera, or Rhiannon, or Diana. The Mother Goddess, represented by a goose or swan.

Athana said...

Barbara Walker presents her theory that Cinderella is coded prophecy for the return of the Goddess. That's in her The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, a book I'd highly recommend for a number of reasons. Walker also talks about Little Red Riding Hood in connection with the Goddess -- also in The Women's Encyclopedia. The Cinderella story is found worldwide. My own theory is that Mother Goose is an anagram for "Mother Goddess." Switch around a few letters and add two d's and an s, and "Goose" becomes "Goddess." As Morgaine points out, several goddesses were associated with geese, swans, or other birds, and many goddesses are depicted riding on the backs of birds.

I know I read that Sleeping Beauty too was a prophecy of the Goddess' return, but I can't remember where read it. All three fairy tales -- Cinderella, S. Beauty, and LRR Hood -- were published in the 1600s in a book that was the first to use "Mother Goose" in its title. The author was a French man named Charles Perreault, and there were only 7 or 8 fairy tales included in it. I've often wondered if all 8 were code....

You're right, Andygrrl, this is a fascinating area!

If I can come up with any other sources on the topic, I'll let you know.