Monday, May 05, 2014


Q:  What are the 3 branches of American government?

A: The President, the Congress and the Supreme Corpse. 

Today the Supreme Corpse proved once again it is nothing but a dead body willing to let anyone do anything – all ya hafta do is ask It nicely. 

This morning, the town of Greece, New York, asked the Corpse if it could open its town meetings with Christian prayer.  The Corpse mumbled 
yes, from now on all American towns can open their meetings with Christian prayer.

This flies directly in the face of the First Amendment, which says you can’t do that. 

One more sign that in this country an unholy alliance has congealed and coagulated between Cons* and Jehovah the Control Freak.**   

Never vote for Cons.  Cons have swamped Congress and Corpse both, and have nearly brought America to a screeching standstill. 

* “Con” is short for “conservative wingnut”   
** Richard Dawkins’ title for Jumpin’ J, not mine. 

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