Thursday, May 29, 2014

THE STICK THAT played pagan GOD

So Siberian fisherman NikolayTarasov catches a stick with eyes and a mouth in his net, and instantly – the thing is still dripping wet – the world screams, “My gawd, it’s a Bronze-Age god!”

 Museum curators dated the figure to over 4,000 years old. Carved in horn which was later fossilized, the Bronze Age figurine shows a pagan god.”

Meanwhile, elaborate, otherworldly, prehistoric, breast-bedecked Bronze-Age figurines seated regally on thrones and flanked by lions are called – are you ready? 



If anyone dares call the throned figure a goddess, masses of screaming academics thunder over the hills, thrusting blackboard pointers wildly at the sky and threatening to fry you in grease if you utter such blasphemy again. 

To read how academics claim goddesses and goddess figurines never existed anywhere in the world in prehistory, go HERE (scroll down to “From Chapter 3, Good Times:  But Are They Really Goddesses?”).

Now I ask you: is it any wonder science is getting a bad rep these days? 

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