Friday, May 09, 2014


From Lithuanian-American archaeologist Marija Gimbutas comes this short list of pre-patriarchal deities -- woman-loving, European goddesses and gods who reigned before the Big Bad Patriarchy rumbled into town, dropped down our chimneys, and ate us all up.

Ana/Anu/Danu (Celtic)
Artemis (Greek)
Artio The Morrigan (Celtic)
Athena (Greek)
Brigid (Irish)
Freyja (Scandinavia)
Gefion (Danish)
Hekate (Greek)
Holla/Perchta (German)
Macha/Medb (Celtic)
Mari (Basque)
Neman The Morrigan (Celtic)
Nerthus (Scandinavia)
Njordr (Scandinavia)
Ragana (Baltic)
Skuld (Scandinavia)
The Morrigan (Celtic)
Urd (Scandinavia)
Verdani (Scandinavia)
Baldr – (maybe)(Scandinavia)
Freyr (Scandinavia)
Hermes (Greek)
Odr (Scandinavia)
Pan (Greek)

Check out Gimbutas’s The Living Goddesses for more. 

Do you know other pre-pat deities?  If so, let us know (include – if you please -- the name of your source). 
Thnx to for the picture of Holda/Perchta (which I found on Google); this is one of the best depictions I've seen of a Crone Goddess.   

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