Friday, May 02, 2014


Picture it:  Suddenly your universe turns into Hell’s Corridor.

You switch from a frig stocked full of good eats and drinks, to the repo people suddenly yanking away your frig, your food, your house, your job, your bank account -- and any hope of eating a good meal ever again.  

And scotch water too, or anything to wet your poor, parched throat. 

For many people in 4000 BC, this was the Hell of it.  Suddenly the climate had turned cantankerous, and many green places morphed into giant sandboxes. The great deserts of North Africa and central Asia began to form.

Mother Earth had abandoned Her people (or so Her people thought). And where did the good stuff come from?  The sky – in the form of oh-so-scarce rain. 

And this, my children, is how and when the sky gods retired the Earth Goddess.    

Raise your hand if you think it's time to fire the sky and rehire the Earth.  

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