Saturday, May 17, 2014


Drag out the brooms.  Today's dirty world needs to be swept clean of dirt, pronto (fighting, meanness, stinginess, etc., etc., etc.).

The fix?  Switching to the peace goddesses that guided Minoan Crete, the Indus Valley Civilization, and Old Europe – all civilizations with 1000-year peace records. 

Why not peace gods, you ask? Why not nice-dude deities like Apollo and Dionysus? 

Because at its core “maleness” means “fight.”  Bucks fight bucks for does.  Lions fight lions for lionesses.  And down at the nitty gritty, spermatozoa fighting spermatozoa for eggs. 

On the other hand, at its core, “femaleness” is “Cut the crap, I need peace and quiet or the babies won’t sleep!”  
IMPORTANT, READ THIS!  Human males are NOT born fighters.  We humans have culture.  Unlike all other animals, we can use culture to create ourselves into anything we want.  
And, to prove it can be done, some triple-star societies have created themselves peaceful – go HERE to see. 

But re: the guiding pictures in our heads, maleness spells Fighting-for-Females.  It’s Nature’s Law.  Ergo, the archetype to mold ourselves around is not male, but “Cut the crap” female.    

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