Sunday, December 10, 2006


Calling all Mothers of the World:

Please! If you love your babies, don’t let them grow up to worship Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh or Vishnu. If you do, chances are they’ll turn up dead on your doorstep one day. Eighteen years or so from now, they’ll be dropped at your door in a wooden box with the lid nailed shut. How could you do that to your baby?!?

Although you think Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh and Vishnu gods, they’re not. They’re war machines. They keep women churning out babies to feed big, fat armies. They rip boys away from their mothers early on, to be zapped into killers (do you really know what men do with your young sons when you’re not watching?).

These bogus ‘gods’ ban abortion for one reason and one reason only: for more warriors. They ban homosex for one reason and one reason only: for more warriors. Everything they do, they do for one reason and one only: to wage war and to kill your babies.

Let ‘god’ at your baby, and chances are your baby will be murdered in god’s armies, or, if your baby’s a girl, turned into a warrior factory.

So moms: start the day your babies are born. Begin whispering in their ears that god is bad. Whisper every day. And don’t ever speak a word to anyone that you’re doing this (unless it’s another mother you trust completely); the very last thing the Big Powers want is for you to save your baby.

‘Cause the Big Powers want your baby for lunch someday. So Moms, please don't let your babies grow up to be lunch. Did you know that before the gods were invented around 4000 BC there was no war? And that almost as soon as they came on the scene, we've had nothing but?
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Paul said...

Children, thankfully, have an innate tendency to escape the box. Children of devout Christians become Pagans and agnostics. Children of Pagans become Christian. I wonder how many Quiverful mothers will discover that many of their children grow up to reject their ways ? You cannot guarantee to turn out armies for God anymore than you can guarantee that children won't fall for the God thing. We can only raise our children to think for themselves and open them to the wonder and mystery and magic of the Goddess' world.

I have never understood how the God religions assume that children will turn out on the same God Parade as their parents. There really is no such thing as a Christian or Muslim child. And why do these faiths have no way of publicly leaving? Why expect anyone to follow one path for life ? We all change as we listen to others and our hearts.

Athana said...

Good point, Paul. In the West especially, kids often try to find paths their parents haven't taken. On the other hand, too many Christians, Muslims and Hindus kids walk in their parent's footsteps every inch of the way. Also, and probably more important, it doesn't matter if you think you've rejected one of the war-god religions -- you can think you're Pagan or atheist, and yet still not have renounced much if any of the war-god ways: social hierarchy and inequality (sexism, ageism, classism); decision-making by a head person, or by voting versus by consensus; terror over the word 'sissy'; and on and on and on.

Paxton said...

Owing to your posts, I am going (soon as I have time) to study why God actually commanded such things as war and punishment. =)

But while I'm here I will just speak personally on the abortion and homosexuality comments.

I (and all Christians I know) oppose abortion on the grounds that we *hate* murder, not on the grounds that we *like* it. You may disagree about the murderousness of it, but at least understand that we think it's murder and that's why we object. There is (as far as I have seen) no other reason, nor need there be. (I naturally find the "to wage war and kill your babies" statement noteworthy).

As to homosexual relations, I think they are not good. To a minor degree this is because of fertility (maybe I should place more importance on that). Mostly I object because of my basic beliefs about sex and intimacy, the purpose of sex, the emotional and spiritual and physical effects of sex in both the long and short term, the unusual symbolism of sex and marriage, the differences between men and women, and the nature of love.

Morgaine said...

Paxton, you are spouting talking points that have nothing to do with reality. The abortion issue riles people up and gets them to march in lockstep with the powerstructure. Male dominance can only continue if women's sexuality is controlled. Christians have only cared about abortion for a few decades, when it became a viable political strategy.

The few passages in the bible that refer to homosexuality are largely misinterpreted. Jesus never mentioned it, so I don't see why a "Christian" cares about it one way or the other. I also don't see how something that occurs in 1,500 known species can be considered unnatural or unhealthy. Plenty of higher animal species have sex for the fun of it. The human female is uniquely designed for having sex for non-procreative purposes. Check out the Bonobo apes sometime - they're omnisexual and they do it all the time because it prevents violence. It's no accident that the most sexually repressed cultures are always the most violent.

Paxton said...

Morgaine, it's not that my talking points have nothing to do with reality. I just don't care about politics very much, compared to infanticide and the ripping apart of souls who don't know there are implications to sexuality beyond the physical world. (Please understand that if I protest to these things, it is through tears and pain, in weeping not anger, because I believe it is harmful to all involved.)

But I only brought it up here because Athana said our primary motivation for disagreeing with the goodness of abortion and homosexuality is "We must breed an army!" and I didn't think that was (always, mostly, or ideally) true.

Morgaine said...

Paxton - the church opposes abortion because it decreases church membership. They want those pews filled with tithing sheep. The power structure wants all the soldiers it can get, too. It's always about power and money and those things need armies to support them; the armies need "god" and moral absolutes to make poor people kill to make priests and kings rich.

The whole abortion issue is bullshit. There's nothing in scripture that says a fetus has a soul. As a matter of fact, in Hebrew mythology, the child is animated at birth by a spirit which descends from the Hall of Souls, aka The Guf, at the moment of birth.

The church has never agreed upon the time of ensoulment. Some say it happens at conception, some at implantation, some at the "quickening" when the mother first feels movement, but originally, it was at the moment of birth.

I have never perceived a separate entity in a fetus still in the body of a woman. Sometimes none is present for several weeks after birth. I can put my arms around a woman and tell if she's pregnant, but there's not another person present, just a shift in energy. It's a part of the woman's body until it can differentiate itself. I've been in abortion clinics - there's no exit of a soul when the operation is performed. The only feeling in a clinic is a mixture of sadness and relief. There are no ghosts in the halls. The only ghouls are the freaks outside who may or may not be carrying bombs and they all use the same rhetoric you do.

And frankly, as far as I'm concerned, if you have never had a uterus, you have no business having an opinion on the subject. It doesn't concern men, never has, never will, and they need to stay the hell out of it. We don't need your pity, your grief, your "god", your guilt or your tears. A woman's sexual and reproductive freedom is sacred and absolute, and no man, no "god" invented by men, or government of rich old white men has any business telling young women what to do with their own bodies. A plague on any who tries.

Paxton said...

"the church opposes abortion because it decreases church membership"

lol no.

Paxton said...

Anyway, I don't think it's unreasonable for a man to have an opinion about whether babies are people, even though he is not able to birth any people.

Rail all you want against the institution. If it's true what you say, they deserve to be railed. =|

Athana said...

Paxton, everything about your religion is there because some con dude put it there to make his life rich and easy. Abortion means fewer bodies for this dude's armies -- the armies he needs to make himself richer. You may not be able to see this, but it doesn't mean it isn't so.

Paxton said...

Who is this con man, and how has he escaped the hypnosis that sways the rest of us?

Athana said...

I don't think current con dudes have escaped the hypnosis, they just take advantage of a good thing staring them in the face. Even the original 4000 BC Con Dudes were driven by fear -- fear that came from the Starvation Culture they lived in.

All you have to do is look at the Kalahari Bush people, or the Inuit in Canada, or any number of other peoples untouched by Starvation Culture to see that humans living without fear are free of war, the poor, inequality, and all the other ills that ail us.

Paxton said...

Mkay, I may just do that =) I'll return to the issue now, because I only asked that question as an aside ^_^

The issue being this: I think that abortion is a kind of murder because I think that unborn babies are a kind of people. The political ramifications of a baby's birth are mind-shatteringly unimportant to me, in comparison to the actual baby.

But I think I've made some wrong assumptions here and am carrying on the wrong discussion. I hastily (forgive me) assumed to know what you think about abortion, when really you have only shared what you think about Why The Church Opposes Abortion. So I will stick to that topic instead =)

actually, I haven't got much to say on that topic because I've never met a church. =P I have just happened to meet lots of people who go to church and believe in Jesus, and I am one of those people myself, and I am pretty sure that if we oppose abortion, it's usually because we think it's a kind of murder, because we think unborn babies are a kind of people.

Athana said...

Paxton: Do you believe in the word of God? Do you follow the Bible? Please read Psalm 137: 8-9, which says that when you dash babies against a rock, you should feel happy.

God doesn't give a fig about babies! He only wants *his* Lord-God babies to live, so they can help form his biomass weapon (i.e., armies).

Paxton said...

That's certainly disconcerting. I've read it before and been disconcerted. =\

No answers. =)

(I do know that the Psalms are gut-feeling songs to God, and sometimes they display some really ugly sides of the Psalmists...but I'm not sure what this one is saying sooo...I remain disconcerted)

Athana said...

Paxton. Face it. You've been brainwashed. And your lovely family and my lovely family too -- all brainwashed. Hoodwinked. Your holy guide book has hideous things in it. You have to cherry pick it like mad just to stay sane. Drop it, Paxton, and help the world find some better guide.

bionecro said...

Athana -

You say that the current pseudo-religious regime only wants women to reproduce as much as possible to feed the war cannon, with which I totally agree. But in the society you want the world to strive for - wherein we worship a benign guiding Great Mother figure - wouldn't you say women would only be under a different type of pressure -
but a pressure nonetheless - to produce children and more than 1 child in order to 'live up' to the expectation of a woman as representative of the Mother God?

For instance in Christianity, by way of the Biblical creation myth, men are considered to represent the father god Jehovah - in his image he made them, sez God. (hand me the barf bag,quick.)

My guess is you'll say that all people would be considered the Great Mother's children and not archetypes of Mothers and Fathers themselves - but on that point I am still curious and would love to hear your take on it.And I apologize if you've covered this previously but I haven't found anything.

sopka said...

I remember the Beach boy song Wouldn't it be nice. It would be nice if babies could grow up and not be molded just allowed to be. Potty training and making sure they kill did not themselves while wandering.