Friday, December 29, 2006


Andy had a great question (See Dec. 27 post):

ANDY: “…Would bringing back the Goddess completely cancel out all male gods….?”

ATHANA: No, bringing back the Goddess would not cancel out male gods. All Goddess cultures had male gods – just not war gods, not violent gods, not pushy gods. The gods in Goddess times were playful, courageous, sensual, smart, creative, democratic, egalitarian, equalitarian, non-violent risk-takers who knew how to make people laugh at the right times. They stood for consensus decision making instead of bully-man rule. They respected and honored females, just as females respected and honored them.

Unlike the War Gods, these guys got some darn good mothering (from the Mother Goddess), and therefore aren’t pathetic little shrimps like the War Gods are. The War Gods, poor things, were forced to become bullies to mask the fear that’s packing the place where their intestines should be.

Discordianism – Just checked it out. Very intriguing! I like that it’s based on a goddess – although I suspect at least in the beginning the goddess was part of the joke – you know, everything turned backwards and upside down and all. And I don’t like Zeus being in there – Zeus is one plug-ugly, fear-packed bully – and no wonder: his War God predecessors stomped all the Mother Goddesses into the ground.
Thnx to for the hunky pic of Kevin Costner as Robin Hood.


Davo said...

Hello from the other half of this glorious globe.

Best Wishes fer the change of seasons.

(curious, really, celebrating a midwinter Festival at the height of summer.)

Anne Johnson said...

I think Kevin Costner in "Dances with Wolves" provides a keen example of a Goddess Man.

Athana said...

I was just wondering the other day Davo about all of you down there in the southern hemisphere, and what you do about Winter Solstice happening in the summer. Has anyone ever mentioned switching things around so things match your seasons?

Athana said...

Kevin does seem to get all those good Goddess-man roles, doesn't he?

Morgaine said...

Yes, he does... I think Robin Hood was a good choice, though, since he was a Witch and all.

Happy New year, Dearest!

Aquila ka Hecate said...

OK let me try this again(I posted once but dear Blogger lost it).

We in the southern hemisphere have just celebrated the midsummer solstice, for the most part.
Our sabbats and such are moved 180 degrees or 6 months from yours, Athana.Which only makes sense.

In circle, too, we have mostly swapped north and south around, as the sun here appears to travel the sky in the northern half of the visible sky.So north is the fire point, and south the earth one.
Deosil also therefore means anticlockwise, mirroring the apparent motion of the sun.


Athana said...

Thanks Terri for the info on the southern half of our global village. Fascinating!