Sunday, December 31, 2006


Got this from Morgaine at The-Goddess:

'Christian' Game Leaves Behind A Pile of Corpses

"Anyway, if you haven't bought it already, I strongly advise everyone reading this to log on to and buy the game. It is the perfect American holiday gift. Celebrate the birth of Jesus by wasting dozens of people at a time, using a provocative variety of Christ-sanctioned weapons! You can even operate tanks to destroy whole areas of New York City! Who knows, you might even get to kill Ethan Hawke ('slumming' in a ball cap and dirty jeans) in a Marxist bookstore-coffeeshop on 8th street! Kill, kill, kill!

Merry Christmas, America."

Nothing like the love and kindness that flows from Jesus's followers and their TANKS. You just can't make this stuff up...


Paul said...

The people behind this game and the books it is based on are truly scary. The fact that they believe in a god who will take them all in a rapture whilst leaving their partners, children, colleagues behind is weird enough. But to believe in a god who will then subject their partners, children, colleagues to war, famine, disaster and damnation is a kind of mental aberration. Worse still is to believe that this god wants the environmental destruction of the world, war in the Middle East so the Jewish Temple can be rebuilt so that there is a real "nice" environment for his son to return is just so, so dangerous. Their mission work in Africa is also scary, convincing many that there is no point in working towards justice and equality and health because the rapture is coming soon.

Morgaine said...

Scary is right. They think they can destroy the planet because the rapture is coming. Every generation has believed it was living in the end times. The problem is that we let these nuts buy their way into power, so the adults aren't making the decisions any more. I'm praying Nancy and the new Congress will over rule the Bush Apocalypse crowd.

Paxton said...

I daren't try to speak for anyone else, because I know a lot of people live differently, but here's my take on the End Times thing:

I really do believe all the stuff detailed in Revelation is going to happen, and I really do believe in the Rapture (the word isn't found in the's a word we made up to describe the idea of being taken up to Heaven in a moment).

Anyhows, the Bible makes it clear that nobody, not even Jesus Christ, knows when Jesus Christ is coming back. Only God the Father knows (yay for boggly Trinity stuff ^_^).

I ?think? the Bible says not to go chasing all over the place looking for signs that the end times are happening right now. AFAICT, we are supposed to live with the dual motivations of

1) Being ready for Jesus to come back.

2) Doing the very best work we can on earth, taking care of the place and loving the people on it, and most importantly growing in relationship with God.

It's remarkable how well those two motivations coincide, since the definition of "being ready" is pretty much: doing all those things in point #2, plus looking eagerly forward.

Not that I am a very environmentally sound person. But that's more due to personal laziness and slobitude (to my shame) than the idea that the earth will be gone in 7 years. It's not for us to know.

The message I get from the words of Jesus is, "Yeah it's going to happen, but I only told you so that you will be hopeful. Make a huge deal about it as regards hope, but don't slack off. If anything be encouraged to work *harder* here."

okaybye =P