Thursday, December 14, 2006


Here’s your chance to help write a Goddess book, with your own ideas quoted and all.

The last of Tim Ward’s four books was “the story of [his] search for the lost Goddesses of Western Civilization” and “what happened to men when they stopped seeing the female side of the divine….”

Some of his friends asked Tim to convert the book into a “practical manual that deals explicitly with male mind and the unconscious forces that drive [men’s] relationships with women.”

Tim invites “…all readers to participate with me in writing it, with your agreement that whatever you post may be included in the finished work…. However you identify yourself in your comments is how your name would appear in the finished work, and if you wish, you may post anonymously or under a pseudonym.”

Go find out MORE at Tim’s new blog, howmenrelatetowomen. I'm headed over there right now.
Thnx to joeless and stock.xchng for the foto

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