Saturday, December 16, 2006

ARE YOU Serious?

According to new studies, women and men react differently to stress. Men do “fight or flight” behavior, whereas women, due to the stress-induced release of the maternal bonding hormone ocytocin, respond with “tend and befriend” behavior.

Men under stress become aggressive, women become nurturant.

So duh! If we're really serious about wanting to survive on into the future, it’s women, not men, who need to become our archetypal role models.

And don't fall into the trap of thinking men can't be manly with a goddess at the helm; 'cause it just ain't so, Joe. Witness the bull-leaping ancient Minoans who sailed the known world looking for adventure.
thnx to bjearwicke for the foto.


Anonymous said...

Much credit to modern science, but I am a woman who reacts to stress like a man. I always have. My body goes into "fight or flight" and I get agressive. The only type of stress that did not create that response was the labor I went through bearing my children.
Yes, we should pay attention to the Goddess in Her many forms...yet what of the destroyer goddesses, the warrior goddesses? There is not enough ground to truly venerate one above the other. What should occur is that folks who are unbalanced within themselves should seek that balance - whether that means bringing the Goddess into your life or bringing the God. Replacing one imbalance (male-dominated theology and world) with another (female dominated thealogy and world) will not fix anything. That is just swapping problems. The Goddess is my life, but I have learned through Her that the true sickness in humanity is the idea of separateness...of ignorance to the truth that we are all connected...not of gender imbalance. Peace and Goddess Bless.

Marty said...

What anonymous said here makes so much sense to me! I wish I could have stated this thought myself. Peace be to anonymous! Gender balance, yin/yang, peace, tolerance, brotherhood and sisterhood as the goals - NOT "Anger Unleashed" as Tucker Carlson on his TV political show recently described the amateur bloggers.

Athana said...

Hey, Marty, I tried to leave a comment on your weblog, but the registration process was too complex. After getting turned down a dozen times, I just gave up. My comment was going to be this, however: "Goddesses are for both men and women, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. When the human species worshipped primarily goddesses, men were sexy, smart, courageous risk-takers. After they began worshipping the War Gods Jehovah, Zeus, Allah, Yahweh and others, they became pleasure-fearful, sniveling cowards."