Monday, April 14, 2014


Help!  Police!  

A Goddess Police Force needs to clean up the crime wave at Wikipedia. 

Anti-Goddess forces are busy as bees maiming, mangling and mutilating Wiki Goddess-related articles. 

A Counterinsurgency Force needs to make the rounds of articles and keep them clean and on the right (left?) side of The Law.

Just one tear-jerker of an example: An anti-goddess knucklehead has added this near the bottom of the “Venus Figurines” article
“Upon first discovering these paleolithic statuettes, archeologists dubbed them "Venuses" .... However the term is considered a misnomer and is misleading because many doubt that the figurines represented deities of any kind.”)

Short List of At-risk Articles:

o Matriarchy
o Mother Goddess
o Goddess Movement
o Feminist the-o-logy [yes, they insist upon using the “o” instead of the “a”]
o Gender of God
o Heavenly Mother
o Minoans
o The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory (the whole ugly book has a Wiki article!  Someone needs to find out why.)

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