Saturday, April 26, 2014


You know the runaway best-selling nursery rhyme:
Hiketty, Piketty, 

My big fat hen, 

She lays eggs 

For gentlemen; 

Sometimes nine, 

And sometimes ten, 

Hiketty, Pikkety, 
My big fat hen! 
Well, a Mr. Thomas Piketty has lately written a runaway bestseller about how the rich are big fat Pigs pushing the rest of us into the poor house.

As no. 1 on, Mr. P's book is so popular it’s sold out. 

It's so hot you can't even buy a copy. 

From a review of Mr. Piketty’s book (which goes by the unbelievably boring title Capital in the Twenty-first Century): 
“... it was only the unique circumstances between 1930 and 1975 that allowed capitalism’s natural drift toward inequality to be reversed. These circumstances included two world wars, a global depression and an outbreak of debt-fueled recession, all of which conspired to destroy vast amounts of wealth....
 [TRANSLATION: "Pure" capitalism stinks like a skunk*.  It was only a fluke that it didn’t in the 1900s, when most of us were growing up.] 
“... in the United States [today] ... inequality in the distribution of both wealth and income surpasses that of class-bound Europe of 1900." 
[TRANSLATION: Unless you are a billionaire, you are the equivalent of a 1910 Dalton-Abbey footman, floor-scrubber or human fly-swatter]
... corporate executives and Wall Street financiers: ... their soaring compensation cannot be adequately explained simply by superior education or performance....”
 [TRANSLATION: While you split a gut working your hair off 24/7, lazy dumb dudes wallow in wealth they've barely worked for – and how fair is that?]  
IN THE eyes of Goddess, we're all monstrously lovable.  In Her eyes it's an abomination for one child to slurp food off solid-gold plates while another goes stick-thin hungry from starvation.
* And you never want to smell like a skunk or settle near anything that does.  I know.  Several weeks ago my Akita Cassandra altercated with a skunk , and she (Cassandra) and I still aren't on the best of terms.  

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