Wednesday, April 02, 2014

silly WOMEN, silly GAMES

Finally!  At long last the BornAgains have found the Goddess!
Actually, “have found the Goddess” might be the wrong way to put it.   Better: they have found us who have found the Goddess.  And, according to them, we should have no trouble gently replacing God the Father with God the Mother by the year 2035:  

"Silly Women?  
"In this series of articles, we shall see that neo-paganism, or goddess worship, has crept into all of America’s mainline Protestant denominations. 
"But aren’t these just a lot of silly women, playing silly games?  
"Not so, said Robert Waters, a former Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) pastor from Des Moines, Iowa.  
“'These silly women,' Waters told Chalcedon, 'have subverted the theology of an entire generation of pastors, in every mainline church, for an entire generation of Christians. The people in those churches are no longer being presented with the gospel of Jesus Christ.' 
"A major theme in the history of the Sophia movement [i.e., Goddess movement] is the inability, or unwillingness, of church leaders to stamp it out.
“The problem is that people absolutely refuse to believe the truth about this. They’re in denial, and that denial allows the heresy to spread.” 
"In the next article in this series, we shall examine the progress of goddess worship in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the Presbyterian Church USA, and even in the Southern Baptist Convention."
Whew!  Is it hot in here?  Or am I just blushing from all the high praise and good news? 

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