Thursday, April 24, 2014


Through the grapevine recently I heard it is super uncool now for Pagans to say things like “Mother Goddess”,  “Holy Goddess” -- or “goddess” at all.

In some Pagan circles apparently, anything female is totally un-PC.   (YAWN.  What else is new in our 6000-year-old tussle with the Patriarchy?  That same old Stuff still stomping all over us!  When are we going to pitch it for good onto the garbage heaps?)

Apparently, among some Pagan groups deity is:

1.  All male, 
2.  A combination of male/female, or,
3.  An It (i.e., sexless). 

Let’s stop, take a deep breath, and drop our Logic Hats onto our heads. 

Are Pagans all about Nature?  Yes.  

Does Nature produce panda cubs out of male pandas, hermaphroditic pandas, or sexless pandas?  Poodle pups out of male poodles, hermaphroditic poodles, or sexless poodles?  No. 

Nature is a Woman, babies, a Woman.  Understand it.  Soak it in.  Breathe it in through your pores, never be bamboozled into thinking otherwise. 

It’s the female body AND the female body alone, with its magnificent, mysterious, magical holy powers, that manufactures life. 

Nature is Goddess, is Female, is Creation, is Life. 
P.S. Thnx to Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828–1882) for the pic of Astarte Syriaca.


roberto quintas said...

I have to disagree. In many species, without the male contribution, no baby is fostered.

Athana said...

Roberto, you are right. Without the male contribution, females cannot make life. But you must admit that females contribute far more, here. To the male sperm, females contribute the egg. But then the female goes on: her entire body goes into the formation of the new child. Her body magically produces food for the child. Her body chemistry even changes when the baby is born, so that she automatically falls in love with her child, can't help but adore it.