Tuesday, February 12, 2008


No, I’m not saying burn books fascist fashion. I’m calling on good Christian men to burn their own Bibles.

Obviously it’s moderate males who need to start this process.

Christians like to follow dudes with education, money and social status – and that’s you, moderate Christian men.

Oh. Not into burning your Bibles? Could you just revamp them then? Leave out the killing, war, warriors, burning, stoning, revenge, retribution, masochism, sadomasochism, vengeance, slaying, jealousy, pestilence, plucking out eyes, cutting off feet, casting people into hell fire, swine choking in the sea, infants dashed on rocks, pregnant women “ripped up,” drinking the blood of princes, and women cannibalizing their children (Lamentations 4:10)?*

Oh. You say what you’d have would be a two-page pamphlet so BOOOOR-ing no one would buy it?

That is a problem.
Thnx to firoze shakir for the foto; go HERE for more.
*For a "short list" of cruelty in the Bible, go HERE (WARNING: even the short list will take you an hour to read, so give yourself plenty of time before sailing over for the visit).

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