Friday, February 15, 2008


Allowing our C students lunch, recess, visits to the school nurse -- and even toilet paper!

If we really cared about our children, we wouldn’t be so heartless.

For their own good, they need to learn early on what America’s all about.

In America, if you’re lazy (i.e. get Cs or low-paying jobs after you graduate), you don’t deserve food, fresh air, health, or toilet paper!

Everybody knows that!!

Worse yet, look what we’re doing to our A students!

Surely they should be prepped for the lives they’re destined to lead as insurance company CEOs.

We have no schools in this country treating these hard-workers the way they deserve: with, for example, transportation to school on Walt Disney Corp. jets fitted with solid-gold bathroom fixtures, and Minnie Mouse serving milkshakes and M&Ms all the way home!

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