Monday, February 18, 2008


'I can’t get a job, I have no money, I can’t get married, what can I say?' For Mr. Sayyid and other young Egyptians, religious fervor offers an answer...." For more go HERE, to the New York Times.
Thanx to Arts & Letters Daily for the blurb and the lead.
Thnx to Dale Neill for the foto; go HERE to see more of his work.


BBC said...

Well, religion won't help them any, they would be better off spending the time looking for work. Even if they had to go somewhere else to find it.

I get the sense that Egypt is like many other countries, there is the rich and there is the poor.

BBC said...

That's one good thing about this country, because of my skills I've found work anywhere I went, or created my own work.

I've started businesses on little and did okay with them. To many people fail because they try to look and act like big shots.

Athana said...

bbc, I think you're missing the point.