Friday, February 15, 2008


It’s true that Devil worship, or “Satanism,” seems to be a growing problem -- among American teens at any rate.

Devil worship, however, is not a Pagan, but a Christian phenomenon.

The Devil is a Christian, not a Pagan deity.

And Devil worship – a serious social problem – is with us only because Christians are.

I mean, if they had no picture of Satan already sitting in their heads, put there by Christianity, how could people dance around as “Satanists”?

As for the ugly things today’s teens do in Satanic cults, most seem to have been invented by Christian Inquisition priests, in order to scare Christians and keep them in line.
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Anne Johnson said...

We at "The Gods Are Bored" applaud this post.

whatsername said...

I guess it depends which Satanism you mean. I certainly think that LeVay Satanism would be with us at this juncture of history, whether it called itself that or something else.

Athana said...

whatsername, you might be right. On the other hand, LeVay's "Satanism" says "There’s no God, there’s no Devil. No one cares!" (I got this from Wikipedia, at "Church of Satan"). So can you really call it Satanism? What do you think?

Also, it seems to me that like the "Satanic cults" that my psychologist brother's always complaining about, everything about LeVay's doctrine seems to be a reaction to Christianity.

BBC said...

I don't understand why anyone even reads or gives a crap about all that old crap in this day and age.

It's all just monkey shit in the ruts of time and space behind us. The future isn't behind us, it's ahead of us.

Maju said...

Totally agree: Satanism is Christian.

But the black he-goat (Akerbeltz) is pagan and a symbol of the Goddess. Just that the Inquisition made a mess of it all.

Pignut said...

LaVey and Crowley were just trolling

Saudi woman to be executed for witchcraft:

Hellfireblogs said...

A)Why is Satanism a problem? Ben Franklin himslef liked a little Hellfire Club action and he was a pretty good guy?

B)Aren't there religions that were "satanic" prior to Christianity? I spent a couple of semesters studying Aztec and Mayn art and religion and from a moddern Pagan's standpoint they seemd to be worshipping demons rather than gods. Dieties that required their priests to skin a person alive and wear the skin until it rotted off (Tlolc I thiink, something like that) is closer to devil worship then modern Satanism will ever be.

Athana said...

hellfireblogs, I can't really respond because I don't know how you're defining "satanism." You're making it sound as if your idea is it's something just a bit less psychotic than skinning a person alive. If that's the case, I think you need to be behind bars.

Hellfireblogs said...

My point is that modern satanists aren't particularly violent and that there are other religions that are much more violent that we seem to celebrate.

The original post looked at satanism from a 80s and 90s satanic panic view. As a pagan it can be irritating to be called a devil worshipper, but the reaction to that shouldn't be to adopt Christians theology.

I think human sacrifice is disgusting obviously, but Satanis here don't do it. It is a nice example of Wiccan intolerence though, claiming that if I think something I should be behind bars.

I wouldn't mistake you for a satanist, but maybe a christian...

Athana said...

Sorry if I offended you, hellfire, but I stand by my original statement: If you're defining satanism as something a bit less psychotic than skinning a person alive, you need to be behind bars.

This was your opening to define "satanism" as you are using the word. You didn't take it. I still have little idea how you are defining "satanism." There are no doubt 999 definitions of this word floating around out there. Before I can dialog with you I need to know what yours is .

Hellfireblogs said...

The definition of satanism doesn't matter, my point is that satanists in America DON"T skin people alive while cultures that we celebrate did. I'm not a satanist but I don't buy into the Dennis Wheatly image of satanists as criminals killing people and such. Most satanist I've met were snobs with a desire to shock.

But as for "dialoging", even if I did think satanism was "something a little less psychotic than skinning people", what sort of dialog begins with you in essence making an opinion a crime. Are you really saying that if I THINK something I should be in jail?

I assumed you have a view of satanism that comes from all those debunked Satanic Ritual Abuse books, the ones that christians pass around with made up stories of teen satanist doing "ugly" things. I was pointing out that while those things are myths, there were pagans like ourselves who did much more evil things so maybe we should get our facts straight before pointing an accusing finger at some lonely emo kids.

The irony is that I'll bet you money you've called someone a fascist at some point this week, but twice you've insisted that if I THOUGHT something I should be locked up.

Should America lock up Muslims who think suicide bombings are justified? I'd bet you say no to that one but if I think the modern satanist is no where near as evil as the ancient priests in MesoAmerica (which is exactly what I think) I should go to jail.

Or do you think anyone who has an opinion counter to yours should be arrested?