Monday, February 11, 2008

Licentiousness AND THE GODDESS

“Isn’t Goddess religion a pagan religion? And aren’t pagans sexually licentious?”

Originally “pagan” was a nasty label tacked onto people by YAJ* so his faithful knew who to take pot shots at.

It was like wearing uniforms in a war: you hafta have ‘em so you know who to kill and who not to.

So a pagan was simply someone smart enough not to follow YAJ.

Are pagans “sexually licentious”?

Of course not. “Licentiousness,” which means “pursuing desires aggressively and selfishly, unchecked by morality, especially in sexual matters” (Encarta ® World English Dictionary 1998-2004), is a word I feel far more comfortable attaching to YAJ* followers than to Goddess devotees.

Just check out the nightly news on the subject of YAJ* clerics molesting women and children.

The Goddess demands that we all enjoy to the fullest the senses She gave us.

Although there are no statistics on the matter (that I know of at least), my guess is that Goddess followers enjoy healthy, loving, delightful sex significantly more often than war-god YAJ followers do.
*The war god Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah (actually one god, not three)

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whatsername said...

"The Goddess demands that we all enjoy to the fullest the senses She gave us."

Unfortunately, while that makes perfect sense to you and me, to many on the other side of the issue that IS sexually licentious.

Athana said...

I'm going to play devil's advocate here, whatsername.

I don’t think more than a handful of Christians believe enjoying the senses is bad. They just have rules for how, when and where one should do it.

The problem with YAJ followers is they’re horrendously famous for breaking their own rules around the senses. Just one example: their own leaders are infamous for inflicting intense pain on others as they “enjoy” their senses.

Having rules for enjoying the senses -- makes sense to me. For example enjoying one’s senses must never involve exploitation of others. And one must always wait to be invited first when seeking to enjoy one’s senses with others.

The problem with YAJ religion is that underneath it all, it’s based on violence, hierarchy and power over. So we’ll never get rid of violence, snooty-snobs and power jerks until we get rid of the YAJ religions (and other war-god religions revolving around, for example, Indra and Vishnu in India).

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your site, via Echidne. Very interesting and I will visit frequently. Best to you.

whatsername said...

"They just have rules for how, when and where one should do it."

Exactly. And their rules dictate that OUR rules around the senses are often sexually licentious.

I agree that they're often also hypocrites which is a problem in of itself.

Anne Johnson said...

I would dispute heartily the notion that pagans are immoral in any way, but that's how the YAJ crowd paints us. I would never cheat on my husband. But that doesn't make me a Christian, it just makes me a happy pagan.

Morgaine said...

I don't feel a bit guilty about being a sex-loving Pagan. All violence can be traced to somatosensory deprivation. More sex, less war, I say!

BB (O.รถ) said...

Tag: Sex?! :D

Thanks 4 the post.. but next time warn me before posting ok? ;*