Saturday, September 16, 2006

WE'RE SO Superior!

Might we learn a few things from non-violent societies? I was reading the Peaceful Societies website today and ran across this:

"The Chewong have no violence in their mythology, and cannot conceive of murder. During her nearly two years of living with them, anthropologist Signe Howell witnessed almost no quarrels or angry Chewong, except for children’s temper tantrums. During one rare quarrel, a jealous woman got angry at her husband, who was apparently innocent of her accusations of adultery—she broke his best blowpipe in half and trampled on it. This highly antisocial act upset everyone; they tried to avoid her and several families moved away because of the incident. Howell could not learn of any crime more violent than that. Even outsiders who are not part of their social universe cannot be harmed, no matter what they [the outsiders] do to them [the Chewong]."
Wanna learn from non-violent societies? Get in line quick: we're killing them off faster than you can say "Praise the lord and pass the ammunition." Go HERE for more.

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Anne Johnson said...

Bet those people are on the endangered species list. Did that anthropologist find out about their gods? Because that sounds like a praise and worship team worth remembering.

Athana said...

Right you are, anne. Here's a telling article: "May 19, 2005. Malaysian Discrimination against the Orang Asli" (

The Chewong are part of the Orang Asli culture.

I have not read Signe Howell, so I don't know the lowdown on Chewong spirituality. I do know that indigenous Southeast Asians tend to believe in spirit beings. There's confusion about whether or not these are female, male, or gendered at all. The PS website says this:

"The Chewong believe that society consists of superhumans—spirits—as well as people. The superhumans are part of both their ceremonial occasions and their daily lives. Human behavior, they feel, must be restrained by rules, and the superhumans can cause accidents and diseases when people violate those rules. For instance, the maro rule implies that a visitor must immediately be offered tobacco and food. The punen rule requires the Chewong to avoid desires that cannot be fulfilled, since unfulfilled desires can lead to conflict. Taladn prohibits anyone from laughing at animals or teasing them. These rules emphasize respect for humans, superhumans, and the rest of nature, all of which have a comparable life-force, ruway, which is the essence of their beings."

Morgaine said...

That part about avoiding desires that cannot be fulfilled is interesting. I wonder how that would translate in an industrialized society?

When a society's religion is glossed over, I immediately suspect that there's a divine Mother somewhere that the "scholars" who studied them neglected to mention.

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