Saturday, September 09, 2006

Prayer to Goddess

There’s direct archaeological evidence that the most revered people in the old Goddess world were older women and pre-teen girls. The well-known University of California archaeologist Marija Gimbutas found more than one archaeological site in Old Europe (ca 5000 – 3000 BC) in which the richest grave sites belonged to elderly women and young girls.

Imagine a world run by wise women. Women who’ve had time to witness the world, to let their gathering of experience simmer into wisdom. Women prized and pedestaled when young, awarded the kind of attention and respect it takes to grow women wise enough to keep the world brilliant, vibrant and sane.

Great Mother, help us recover the sanity of Your world.
thnx to mygallery for the foto of the girl flying a kite


Anne Johnson said...

before it's too late.

Holy Heretic said...

Thank Goddess for this blog!

I'm a new Heretic(ess) on the blogosphere.

Paxton said...

I dunno =\

It's extremely important for little girls to know that their mothers and fathers absolutely adore them, and love them more than life.

But when kids are revered instead of merely adored, I suspect that they would become spoiled, arrogant and bratty. Human-worship is not a healthy thing for the worshipers or the worshipee.

Worshipee is the best word ever.

Athana said...

Welcome Holy Heretic! It gives me huge pleasure to know that the blog is helpful to some of you out there. Thanks for taking the time to express your feelings on the subject.