Thursday, September 21, 2006


"In the Catholic Church, the church of Jesus Christ, a disproportionate number of churches are named after Mary - vastly more than that after Jesus. Why is this? Since the Catholic Church took the Queen out of Heaven, Her followers have replaced Her with the image of Our Holy Mother. People long for their Celestial Mother. Whatever way they can get Her, they will have Her!...."


Grian said...

I agree completely. I would much rather attend a wedding, funeral, etc. in a Catholic Church as opposed to a Protestant one. At least I know my Mother is present in the Catholic arenas.

Anne Johnson said...

Exactly how I came to the Goddess - thru "Hail Marys." I married a Catholic fella with a mom and a grandma who completely trust Mother Mary and never mention God unless something bad happens.

Morgaine said...

Given the option of converting or burning, the very wise Irish people converted nominally, and transferred their love for Goddess into Christian form - not unlike the African slaves did with Voudon. The names change, but everyone knows to whom they really pray, except, of course, the Priesthood that has to be appeased. Now that the church is crumbling, let's hope people become bold enough to call Mary the Goddess that She is.