Saturday, September 02, 2006


Today I felt like a character in a “Murder She Wrote” movie. My friend J. threw a clamming birthday party for herself. About twenty of us dug clams, which we later boiled and ate.

Cast of Characters:

The physicist who specializes in black holes.

The physicist's Danish wife.

J’s son the carpenter and rock musician.

The ex-actress who’s now an interior decorator.

300+ Maine clams in blue, orange and cream shells.

The professional astrologer from Damariscotta, Maine.

The New York City Amish, gay professor of German literature.

The famous artist written up in a book with Desmond Tutu et al., about people who’ve made us look at the world with fresh eyes.

P. who books semi(?)-famous music groups around the world.

R. who travels the world booking rap groups like “50 cent” in Paris, London, Russia, Bulgaria, etc. (R. is one of P’s employees).

The Lebanese man who’s moving to the U.S. so his two tiny sons can be safe.

The Maine shoe buyer who travels to China every other month to buy shoes for the Easy Spirit Shoe Co.

The shoe buyer's gorgeous, adopted Chinese daughters, 4 and 6, with their beautiful Eskimo-like eyes.


It’s not often that I enjoy such august and eclectic company. During tourist season, however, Maine does attract its fair share of the august.

Most of us dug clams with gusto. The physicist took pictures of us clamming, but didn’t get down on his knees and get dirty digging. Another guy didn’t dig either, but he pointed the rest of us to the little breathing holes that signaled a clam nest. The artist was the expert who taught us the art of clamming.

The NYC rapper-promoter was ecstatic. She’d yearned to get to Maine for ten years, she told me. She didn’t even mind when the tide came in and suddenly made an island of our clamming land, and we had to wade through rising water to get to safety.

I ruined the knees of my best pants and spent the rest of the day in wet sneakers and a heavy winter coat. It took me half an hour to tear the duct-tape (digging protection) off all ten of my fingers. I didn’t care. I looked at the blue ocean meeting the blue sky and thought, “Oh, Great Mother, what a gorgeous world you’ve given us.”
Thnx to gizmo for the pic


Grian said...

Beautiful Athana. I'm glad you had such a lovely time enjoying the nature of our Mother.

Anne Johnson said...

Wish I could have been there, instead of where I was, which wasn't Maine by a long shot.

Sea, sand, sky - gifts of the Goddess.

Morgaine said...

What a wonderful day! I'm glad you had fun. I slept all day, which can be wonderful, too, but not so much fun - ha ha!

Morgaine said...
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