Thursday, September 07, 2006

HI! I AM THE Smasher!

Yesterday, Rapture-Rightie Bushie came clean and admitted he’s running “Black-Site” torture prisons outside the U.S.

So he can “do” things to people it’s against the law to do here.

So he can evade U.S. laws.

The President*.

Evading our law.

Wow! Now Republicans can go out campaigning and say, “Hi! I’m about restoring dignity to the U.S.! We’re better than these cretins we’re fighting!”**

Poor Bushlet. Can’t get anything right with his brain. So he tries to get things right by smashing -- smashing the Constitution, smashing the country, smashing people. Prolly smashes worms and ants on the sidewalk. Remember when your little brother tried to fix your dolly by bashing its head against the wall? Remember that, and you’ll know everything there is to know about poor Rapture-Rightie Bushie.

“Bush said the CIA had used an ‘alternative set of procedures’ to question the men because they were trained to resist interrogations, and that these procedures -- which he did not detail -- had borne fruit.


“But an hour before Bush spoke ... Lt. Gen. John F. Kimmons, Army deputy chief of staff for intelligence, said … ‘no good intelligence is going to come from abusive practices. I think the empirical evidence of the last five years, hard years, tell us that.’

“Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Charles ‘Cully’ Stimson said interrogators ‘tell you that the intelligence they get from detainees is best derived through a period of rapport-building, long-term.’" MORE>>>

Dear Bushlet: Go home. Rest. Prop your feet up. Quit bashing your brain against the wall; it’s not your fault it’s too small to be useful. Sincerely, Athana.
*Actually, our President is Al Gore. Bushlet hasn’t won any election. He sits in the White House because he smashed our election process and smashed his way in.

**Hafta give credit to Air America’s Rachel Madow for these last two lines.


Anne Johnson said...

So much for Katie Couric. Did you see her fluff interview with Bushie on last night's news?

And the black dungeons beg another question. If these tactics have foiled terrorist attempts, then WHY ARE WE IN IRAQ? Wouldn't it have been enough to "interrogate" the captured terrorists?

And trust me. They're gonna bag Osama about a week before the Nov. elections.

Anonymous said...

But I think, in an earlier blog, you stated you think that Bush "bamboozled" us into this war. Does that mean you thought he was correct at some point in deciding to invade Iraq? Or were you always opposed to this Iraq war? So yet again, I'm kind of confused.

Athana said...

anne, I did not see Katie. I did see a cut of someone they said was her, on the news, interviewing Bush, but this person looked nothing like Katie and had a botoxed face. I think they've done away with Katie and are trying to pass this botoxed woman off as her.

Seriously, I was shocked by Katie's face. I feel snarky saying that, but it is so. And I'm not sure where my reaction is coming from -- disappointment that Katie, who was so cute, would do this to her face (she looks so dead somehow); disappointment that she fell into the Madison Avenue hype about the import of eternal youth; or some kind of primal fear (this person no longer looks human! What is it! A space alien? The Stepford Wives?)

Bingo on the "wouldn't it have been enough to 'interrogate.' But then when have Bush & Co. ever been logical with with their lying?

Yeah, let's mark our calendars now re: the November bagging of Osama.

Athana said...

anon, help me out. I can't for the life of me see where you're coming from. Bush & Co. *did* bamboozle us into the Iraq war. I don't think anyone who reads credible news sources -- for argument's sake let's say the AP -- doubts that.

Anti-Thesisofreason said...

I've been worried for a long time that Bush has Osama in his back pocket and when he is in a real threat of loosing his party strength (like in November) or some other threat to him he will pull Osama out and say, Look who I caught!

Bush and his cronies know exactly where Osama is and they can get him whenever they need him.

Not that I don't want to see Osama caught. . .but not for political gain.

Athana said...

anti-thesis, Did you hear Bush (last year I think it was) when he said, "I don't know where [Osama bin Laden] is. And I don't really care." Or something very close to that.

I wonder if this is to make it even more dramatic when he *does* pull O out of his hat -- "See what I did, and I wasn't even trying!"

Anonymous said...

What I was trying to ask was: were you personally and some of your supporters on this blog once in favor of the Iraqi war? I know that my siblings, my adult children, my friends, and most of my co-workers were vehemently opposed to Bush's push towards war. He did not "bamboozle" any of the afore-mentioned. What I want to know is if those of you who follow Goddess sprituality might have found a reason or set of reasons to to into this war and, if so, why -- why might you have supported male-dominated Executive and Congressional branches of govt? I do know that some of the U.S. populace was bamboozled, but please don't think (or claim) ALL of us were.

Athana said...

anon, you are to be commended for seeing through Bush's lies. However, when I say Bush "bamboozled us into war,"
I'm not talking about which particular individuals did or did not believe Bush's lies. Enough of the "right" people believed them to cause the war to begin.

Anti-Thesisofreason said...

No I never thought it was a good idea to go into Iraq. I think war should be avoided at all cost.
It should be the very last thing on our minds. I always thought that as the most powerful nation on the planet we were beyond using violence as a means of negotiation.
The President isn't interested in negotiation he is interested in might makes right.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's important to me to know if you were one of those who believed Bush at that time was correct and if you supported his push into this Iraqi war. Were you one of those who supported this war or were you not? Please let us know your views as they truly were at that time. Please don't talk about "other" people or the press.

Athana said...

anon, before I accede to your demands, please tell me:
1. Why is this important to you?
2. Who am I talking to? The anon from Northboro who picks her nose? The anon who teaches sociology in Seattle? Please pick a blog name so we know who we're talking to when you visit.

Morgaine said...

I think it's pretty clear from the tone of this blog that neither Athana nor most Goddess worshippers supported this illegal "war." I put that in quoatation marks because only Congress has authority to declare war and they have not. Bush was authorized to act if Saddam failed to cooperate with the UN inspectors, but he did, so there was no justification or authorization for us to invade Iraq. Every act that stems from that illegal act is also illegal.

There were massive protests before the war - historical, globall protests, and many, many people knew that there was no justification to attack. Bush did lie his way into this war, but that doesn't mean that we believed his lies - just that he told them in an attempt to gain support for invading a sovereign nation and kidnapping it's legally elected leader. (Saddam did win his election, unlike Bush, who never has been elected president. Don't get me wrong - Saddam was a monster. It's just that Bush is a bigger monster, having outdone Saddam in every aspect, and he's destroying my Democracy, which I don't take lightly.)