Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy DAY!

Happy Alban Elued, all! Had a glorious day yesterday! My friend Jan asked me to go to help with the Heifer International booth at the annual Maine Common Ground Fair (one of the main places Maine progressives go to find other Maine progessives).

Beautiful day! Sun shining! Beautiful people! Children sliding down a hill on pieces of cardboard and having a blast! Organic food everywhere! Radicals and progressives around every corner!

At the very last minute – right as the fair was closing for the day – someone informed me about the booth of the Temple of the Feminine Divine. “Go,” they said, “Before the fair closes for the day!” I went. The booth was swathed in red satin. The priestess attendant gave me a sheet to fill out. For people looking to join or form a Goddess group in the area in which they reside. Since I left my Druid group a few years ago, I’ve been looking for a new group to join. Maybe this will lead me to it! Have been too lazy to form one on my own. Will keep you posted re: how this works out.


Carolina said...

Hi, Athana, you mention you left a Druid group and are now looking for a new one. Could you offer hints as to what to look for in choosing a Goddess group, e.g. what prompted you to leave that one and what are you trying to find in a new group? I am leaning toward trying to find something similar here in South Carolina but am hesitant to commit without possibly having a bit of a advice that you could possibly provide me or maybe to many of your readers? Much appreciation for any help you and/or your readers can provide. I'm so sorry and so surprised for what might have been negative for you within a group of Goddess honoring women. In any event, good luck or should I say Great Goddess Blessings in finding the right group for you up there. Hope I can do the same here.

Morgaine said...

Carolina - I'm sure Athana has excellent advice, but I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in, too. Sharing magick is more intimate than sex, so go slowly and get to know people before you share too much or let them too far into your life. Better to be overly cautious than to find yourself dealing with unstable people who know too much about you too soon. A good group will be cautious with you, too, and should be for everyone's best interest.

Most groups, no matter how positive, will have little conflicts at some point that will result in part of the group "hiving off" to form its own practice - that's a natural progression that can be rough at the time, but ultimately leads to growth. Just because people move on, it doesn't mean a group is lacking - just that their paths to different directions.