Saturday, February 18, 2006

where does KILLING come from?

Excellent post by Leaping Rabbit on "Divine Licenses to Kill":
"amer'ka," says Leaping Rabbit, "already had a strong tendency toward a faith-based society: the trauma of USAMA BIN LADEN seems to have been enough to push it over the edge." MORE >>>


Struggle For Justice said...

What a sad chronicle the history of humanity presents. We see theologically based rationales promoting the slaughter of millions in the past. This thinly disguised bigotry defied logic for ages until society entered the so-called Age of Reason in the Eighteenth Century, a time when civilization was supposed to attain a "Golden Age", but yet
armies found more effective methods of slaughtering human beings until the world finds itself in the "Atomic Age", an age where total world destruction is not only a reality, but a very
terrifying possibility.

The male dominated global political system seems to be oblivious to the implications
presented by doomsday thermonuclear

Sane alternatives to war are brushed aside by demagogues like George W. Bush and Tony Blair who advocate a policy of pre-emptive military actions, a policy which even defies British and American traditionsof those claiming to take the high moral ground in international relations.

lept said...

Thanks and you asked.