Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The GodFather SPEAKS

Please show THIS SITE to everyone you know who's thinking about becoming muslim.

Tell them to watch the live videos of two people being stoned to death (for adultery) and of the man having a hand and foot cut off (for stealing). Both the stoners and the cutters are following instructions directly from muhammed and the quran. I don’t have much to say. My head's swimming in a pool of shocked, sickened sadness.

WARNING: Do not watch if you're squeamish.

I will say this, however: the Danish cartoons (see yesterday's post) of muhammed now feel too mealy-mouthed. They almost beautify a "religion" that is damnably, monstrously evil. But as I've said time and time again, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism are not religions. They are political control mechanisms masquerading as religions. These videos give you an insider's view of how that control is achieved. This is how the Goddess and Her religion was wrenched away from us. And these are only a few of the milder techniques used.

Thanks to the Leaping Rabbit for directions to this site, which is run by ex-Muslims trying to get the word out about the horror that is Islam. But remember: it’s not people who are bad; it’s the GodFather in our heads that's killing us.

Goddess love & protect us all,


Leaping rabbit said...

Couldn't have put it better myself!
But check out Direland's latest posting for more sorrow...

Athana said...

I will, leaping rabbit --after I've had a little time to recover from the apostate site. In a way I wish those videos would be required watching for every world citizen. And then let people make up their own minds about where they want humanity to head in the future, what kind of world they want their descendants to inherit.

Morgaine said...

I can't believe that people worship anything that would encourage that violence. Who would want to go to heaven with a deity like that?

Anne Johnson said...

Soon they'll have nuclear weapons. Then I guess the stones will be passe.