Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Dust_of_Stars Asks:
After passing a Catholic school the other day I started wondering. If pagans had private schools … other than the basic math, English, and science, what kind of subjects would be taught?
To which NightLad answers:
“If you had 2 acorns and you planted one acorn, how many acorns would you have? Um… Jimmy, do you want to answer?”

“1 acorn, Miss Moonflowersummerroserainprancer?”

“Good try Jimmy, but the correct answer is: the Earth Mother would accept the acorn you planted into her warm dark womb and give it life, creating a beautiful acorn tree that would in turn produce hundreds of more acorns. Plus the one you still have in your hand.”


But seriously… I imagine there being some meditation/relaxation classes. Stress management, peer counseling, first-aid as well as alternative healing methods. Basic herbology might be a good course. (An actor here in Canada died after eating monkshood he mistook for wild celery while on a nature walk.)


Whoa! Is this an idea whose time has come? Private Goddess schools for our children? What do you think? What classes would you add to the curriculum?
Thnx to al-ex for the oak foto


Anne Johnson said...

Majors in:
Alternate energy sources
Worldwide dedicated family planning
Public Health
Unfiltered History
Public Speaking

Morgaine said...

Let me think on this and I'll post on my blog.