Tuesday, February 28, 2006


"Blondes had more fun even back in the Pleistocene. It’s just not fair, and it turns out that it never was..." MORE >>>
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Morgaine said...

I guess I just don't think like a male scientist. Doesn't it just make sense that people in hotter climates would have darker pigmentation than people in cold ones? That people are as likely to lose pigmentation as bears when they live in an environment of snow and ice? That hot sun will kill a fair skinned person with stroke and cancer much more easily than it will a person with darker skin?

Unless we suddenly lose the ability to produce peroxide, there will always be blondes. I think that estimate for the extinction of natural blondes is unrealistic. Our culture still selects in their favor, and I think the mutation still occurs spontaneously within certain ethnic groups.

Anne Johnson said...

I can buy this theory. (Shameless self-promotion) It dovetails with the post I just left at "The Gods Are Bored." But I think we have recorded human history to thank for the dissemination of blonde genes. It was those stinking Vikings that left blonde scattered all over Northern Europe, including England, Scotland, and Ireland. (Here I equate blonde and redhead, both probably recessive genes.)

Athana said...

I know, Morgaine! What you say makes so much sense. It's what I've always believed to be true.

On the other hand, why aren't there blond Eskimos? Why are the original, natural blonds mostly confined to northern Europe?

I think maybe these researchers are onto something. Something that adds to, rather than detracts from, the sun/safety/pigmentation stuff.

Morgaine said...

I can't prove this because I haven't done the timeline yet, but I suspect the Eskimos haven't been there as long as people have been in Scandanavia. I don't believe the "walking across the straits" theory of migration. I think the civilizations in South, Central and North America were here first. I think there was a lot more sea travel than the mainstream acknowledges, and there's new information that theorizes that civilization began in Asia, not Africa. My money says South America, considering some of the amazing discoveries there in recent years. We'll see- I have so much research to do, it's a bit overwhelming.