Tuesday, February 07, 2006

THE GODDESS LOOKS AT Freedom of Speech

The deal is some Danish dude printed some cartoons of Muhammed in his newspaper, and the Islamic world is going nuts. Danish flags are being burned, and Europeans in Muslim countries are being threatened and beaten up. So the dude apologized. Now there’s a huge debate: are Muslims now telling the rest of the world what we can and can’t say?

What do you think? Should this dude have aplogized?

Go HERE to see all the Muhammed cartoons.


Anne Johnson said...

Yeah, I think so. Whether you like the religion or not, it's nice to be respectful.

Leonard said...

Great site: as an ageing faerie (kind of lapsed) - I love the drift.
To be pertinent, however, I thought that I'd send you a link to a posting I did dealing with the cartoons:
'A nettle needing to be grasped'

Morgaine said...

Fuck that. He should have told them to kiss his infidel ass.

Look, I've been the subect of plenty of religious bigotry, and I've never hurt anyone. I might write a letter to protest, but I'm not going to throw a molotov cocktail over words or drawings. Also, when these were first published, no one said anything. Some Muslim clerics got ahold of them and used it to pump up their sheeple, just like Falwell and Dobson do here with the anti-gay bullshit.

We have to be free to say unpopular things. If they didn't like the cartoons, they could have asked for equal time - most papers will provide that.

This is just more of the Big Daddy sense of entitlement - the same attitude that stones women to death for having sex outside of marriage, mutilates little girls and encourages people to become suicide bombers.

When you start throwing bombs over ideas, you've lost my sympathy completely.