Thursday, September 25, 2008


Wanna catch an African witch hunter "blessing" an American Vice Presidential candidate against "witchcraft" in her own church in Alaska?

Take a peek at the clip below.

English is not this dude's strong point. So for your listening pleasure, here's a short pronunciation guide:

churches is "chah-ches"
back is "bok"
kids is "keets"
god is "gawld"
sorcery is "sah-sah-ree
let's all is "ess ah"
Mark is "Mawk"

You a Pagan? Wanna save your own skin? Pass this along to anyone planning to vote to make this possible Pagan-persecutor* Vice President of the United States.

This is not being covered by the mainstream media (although gotta hand it to Keith Olbermann; he did a clip on it last night. Way ta go, Keith!).

Go HERE for a list of bloggers blogging on Sarah Palin and witchcraft.
*Palin of course has not publicly stated she'd condone Pagan persecution.

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Anne Johnson said...

Please tag all your readers and ask them to pray for protection from this person!