Friday, September 12, 2008

Bringing Back THE GODDESS

Check out this hot, new Goddess book: Walking an Ancient Path: Rebirthing Goddess on Planet Earth.

Walking was written by my friend the Reverend Karen Tate, ordained priestess of the Goddess, California Goddess author, California Goddess radio-show hostess, Goddess sacred-tour leader, and Goddess filmmaker.

One of the things I love about Karen? She focuses on the big picture. Not just "How can I, a Goddess lover, chug by from day to day?" but also "How can the world get back the Goddess it so badly needs?"

So not surprisingly, one metacool thing about Walking an Ancient Path is it tackles the larger picture -- along with the personal stuff.

Here's a taste of my review of the book:

"Tate reminds us that we in the Goddess community have important work to do, and that sometimes looking at the big picture -- for example our aims for changing the world -- can help us move beyond our sometimes-not-so-important personal frustrations.


"If I were asked to choose the most powerful aspect of this book I would have to pinpoint the complete openness and emotional honesty Tate offers the reader throughout the text. She relates not only the good times but the bad, the times when she felt like quitting, when she felt alone, lost and abandoned: "While I dreamed of a supportive community valuing sisterhood and brotherhood, all embracing ideals of Goddess Spirituality, in reality I have at times felt lost like Dorothy and her cohorts from the film The Wizard of Oz, maneuvering through that forest of ghoulish trees and flying monkeys...." (p. 246).

"But Tate doesn't leave the reader dangling in the darkness. For every negative experience she also describes her journey up to level ground again. She offers us a wealth of positive responses to all the hurt, anger, frustration and trials she's experienced. Her book is limitlessly and refreshingly positive, uplifting, honest, and straightforward from start to finish....


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